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Grout Recolouring

You don't have to put up with patchy grout when you can experience the benefits of grout recolouring

This service is offered if your porous grout stays patchy even after a thorough clean. Epoxy grouts are used to recolour existing grout. Epoxy grouts are extremely easy to clean and maintain, they offer many benefits including maximum protection and beauty while minimizing maintenance.  The sealant is specially formulated to provide maximum stain protection and prevents the accumulation of micro organisms, especially in food preparation and serving areas.

The grout lines to be recoloured will undergo a thorough cleaning procedure, thus ensuring that the grout lines are free from soap scum,  body oils, mould & mildew or algae. (Our "Dirt Buster" Super Concentrate cleans extremely well and performs excellently for cleaning grout lines.)

The Benefits of Grout Recolouring:
* Restore dirty, worn out Grout
* Recolour, seals & prevents stains
* Durable Formula
* Interior & Exterior Application
* Epoxy Formula lasts up to 15 years+  
* Prevents mould, mildew & micro organisms/algae  build up
* No discolouration, no odour
* 20 Colours to choose from

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For grout recolouring that will impress, contact The Grout Doktor today. Call us on 0412 239 629 to find out more.