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Grout Colour or Recolouring

Why we offer to recolour grout lines.

Old grout especially in high traffic areas, shower walls & basin, kitchen floors, entries etc. is most probably discoloured due to dirt water or dust particles, soap scum or even food dropped onto the porous grout.

Despite all effort to clean the grout lines – and you might come up with an impressive result,-  some areas remain darker than or not as clean as others.  This “patchy look” will always give a still dirty looking grout.Even now to seal with a clear sealer will not improve the still discoloured areas and the patchiness.

The solution to this problem is to recolour the grout lines with an epoxy or coloured sealer. The epoxy is applied over  existing grout lines, sealing the cementous substance to an even colour – throughout the area. There is no more patchy look to the grout lines – which now give an even and fresh look. Epoxy treated grout lines are also easier to clean and can prevent mould build up.

In newly tiled areas or new houses, epoxy sealed grout can be used as a preventative measure.

Epoxies offer a long term solution to discoloured or patchy looking grout lines, do not fade or discolour and generally last 15 years. Our Epoxies are food safe and can be used for interior and exterior applications. (not suitable for submerged areas, e.g pools, spas)