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The type of sealer used ultimately depends on the situation, as different sealers (either water or solvent based) are required for different situations. This is why it is important that our Specialist visits to perform a thorough inspection prior to quoting.

We have a large range of Tile & Grout clear sealers and only use the very best in quality.

Expected wear may vary depending on the type of sealer, the hardness and texture of surface, type of area, surface wear, frequency, and type of maintenance products used. However for most clear sealers the expected wear is up to 5 years and can be as high as 15 years. Weather conditions, harsh cleaning methods, and high-alkaline, acidic, or solvent-based cleaners will affect wear.

No. Penetrating sealers will protect without changing the original colour, texture, feel, or appearance of the tile and grout.

No. Penetrating sealers have a low odour.